Connect With Our Area Leaders

The Gateway NextGen Area Leader team was assembled half a year ago now, with a purpose to care for, encourage, and network NextGen leaders in our district. We’ve tried our best to get representation from a wide geographic area so that you would have leaders close to your location to connect with. Not connected yet? Click over to our brand new Area Leaders Page to get contact information for those closest to you. Give them a call and introduce yourself — let them know that you’d like to be connected. They will add you to their list and may call from time-to-time to check in with you, agree with you in prayer, and/or connect you to regional NextGen events, gatherings, and communication forums. If you have a need, a question, or would just like another NextGen leader to talk to, they have volunteered to make themselves available.

Here’s a map of where our current NextGen Area Leaders are spread throughout the district…

View NextGen Area Leaders in a larger map

Of course, you can still connect online with other NextGen leaders through our private Facebook Groups, too. Check them out here.